Arteeksdoll Girl Gifts Constellation Soft Cancer Dolls Plush Girls Toy 17″ – Alisa


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I am a devoted enthusiast of astrology, constantly drawn to explore and study the mysteries of the constellation. My heartfelt desire is for this collection of 12 constellation Dolls to provide the same sense of companionship and playfulness that resonates with the distinct characteristics of each constellation sign. It is my sincere wish to bestow upon every little girl, with her unique personality, a special companion representing her star sign

Dec. 22nd ~ Apr. 19th

Apr. 20th ~ Aug. 22nd

Aug. 23th ~ Dec. 21st

Design Inspirations – Based on the mythical story of Cancer, the faithful crab is the prototype for a cute version of the deep orange crab pincer hairstyle, with Eliza’s lovely smiling expression, the deep orange decoration is full of Cancer’s rich maternal love and passion and loyalty to family and career, even though their feelings are sensitive and fragile, and their self-protective consciousness is strong, they are willing to give their selfless love.
Appearance – The doll named Alisa, And she wears Cancer Costume today, which represents Loyalty, love of home. Her hairs are with double deep orange crab pincer hairstyle. The cloth is also in deep orange and embroided with a golden symbol of “Gemini”, what’s more, the cloth is made of silk and covered with Lace Mesh printed with silver stars. All the details express the love of Cancer Girls.
Great Gift – For girls of any age even little babies, a doll that represents the sign of the zodiac of them is a wonderful gift. Please imagine, if each of your friends or family members around you with different zodiac signs had dolls that belonged to their respective signs, wouldn’t that be a meaningful collection?
Both Adults and little kids suitable – The constellation doll is filled with memorial PP cotton, it would rebound within a second after the pressure, do not need to worry about kneading will deform the doll, is a good choice to reduce stress. In addition, there is no need to worry about the safety of children, because the exterior fabric is certified skin-friendly material, will not cause damage to the skin of little kids

Arteeksdoll Girl Gifts Constellation Soft Cancer Dolls Plush Girls Toy 17″ – Alisa
Arteeksdoll Girl Gifts Constellation Soft Cancer Dolls Plush Girls Toy 17″ – Alisa


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