Foundation and Blush Application Techniques to Combat Cancer Treatment Effects

In part one of CURE’s “Radiance Unveiled: Skincare and Makeup Strategies Throughout Breast Cancer Treatment” webinar, Rudy Miles, a 10-year Look Good Feel Better volunteer and national trainer, and Olivia Summer Hutcherson, a three-time survivor and thriver, demonstrated makeup techniques and application of concealer, foundation, powder and blush.

“The reason you want to think of makeup for this section is think of it more as a tool. So usually, we wear makeup for the glamour of it, which I’m all for that too. But in this instance how can foundation and concealer together address the appearance related side effects?” Miles said.


00:48 – Makeup techniques and product use.

  • Rudy Miles discussed using concealer and foundation to address appearance-related side effects, emphasizing the importance of customizing one’s makeup routine based on individual skin needs.
  • For example, he mentioned using concealer if one’s skin is more flush or rosy from treatment, or foundation, in particular a cream-based one, for those with dry skin – techniques that can give a patient benefits in the actual formulation.

01:27 – Skincare and makeup application techniques.

  • As an esthetician, Rudy Miles emphasized hygiene, using disposable applicators and cleaning brushes after each use, especially during treatment.
  • He also mentioned using minimal powder for optimal skin care during cancer treatment.

02:56 – Blush application for various face shapes and contouring.

  • Olivia Summer Hutcherson as the model, Rudy Miles demonstrated techniques for blush application using the apple of the cheek, for various face shapes, as well as contouring techniques to enhance one’s cheekbones.

04:40 – Contouring and bronzer for face shaping.

  • Rudy Miles noted that bronzer can be used to contour the hollow of the cheek for a more sculpted appearance and to bring color back to the face.

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