Lip Techniques to Use To Negate Appearance-Related Effects From Cancer

In part one of CURE’s “Radiance Unveiled: Skincare and Makeup Strategies Throughout Breast Cancer Treatment” webinar, Rudy Miles, a 10-year Look Good Feel Better volunteer and national trainer, and Olivia Summer Hutcherson, a three-time survivor and thriver, offered techniques in applying lip care.

“We had a firsthand testimonial that sometimes the appearance, really the side effects of the skin, is dryness. And believe it or not, that also affects the lips,” Miles said.

In addition, Miles recapped all of the techniques in applying skin care and makeup to address appearance-related side effects from cancer treatment.


00:20 – Lip care and makeup preparation.

  • Rudy Miles highlighted the need for lip care preparation with things like lip balm for hydration.

01:10 – The benefits of lip liner for lip color and longevity.

  • Rudy Miles noted that lip liner helps keep lipstick in place and can be used to mimic one’s natural lip line.
  • He also talked about the benefits of lip liner, including longer lasting lipstick and easier application.

02:52 – Makeup as a piece of the puzzle.

  • Rudy Miles acknowledged that any part of makeup, skin, eyes or lips, can be a piece of the puzzle.
  • He noted that individuals can use all of the tips and tricks, or choose just to apply facial, eye or lip makeup to complete a look.

04:13 – Mimicking hydration in makeup.

  • Rudy Miles recapped the entire tutorial, offering final thoughts and tips for mimicking hydration on the skin, including face oils, highlighters, and toners; how to apply eye makeup; and simple techniques for lip liner, lipstick and lip gloss.

06:11 – Using skincare and makeup for post-treatment appearance.

  • Rudy Miles concluded his thoughts on addressing appearance-related side effects of treatment through skincare and makeup to help patients in their cancer journey.

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