Sugar Does Not Feed Cancer: The Complete Guide to Cancer Prevention Nutrition & Lifestyle


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Regain your energy, support your healthy cells, and feel completely confident around food and mealtimes while reducing cancer risk!

With this revolutionary 450-page publication you’ll get:

the ultimate cancer-prevention guide for nutrition and lifestyle for anyone wanting to reduce cancer risk, at any cancer stage or with a family history of cancer50+ simple and delicious fiber-packed recipes to nourish your body both during and after cancer treatmentto finally feel 100% sure of how to eat after your cancer diagnosis (ditch the confusion for good!)

Nutrition is the most powerful tool when it comes to fighting cancer and healing from treatments.

When you eat well, during and after cancer treatments, you will nourish and strengthen your healthy cells and organs, which will give you less severe treatment side effects, quicker healing, stronger immunity, more energy and mobility, and even improved mood. But each cancer survivor will have a unique experience—no one has the same story or nutrition needs. There’s more to it than one-size-fits-all advice like “Just eat anything!” or “Just go vegan!” In Sugar Does Not Feed Cancer, Nichole cuts through the noise. This is the ultimate resource for anyone looking to educate themselves on the nutrition necessary for an optimal cancer-prevention lifestyle with simple recipes you can use to get there.

Improve and build on your cancer-prevention lifestyle: Learn how to build a cancer-protective plate for all meals and snacks. Find out which foods you really must avoid after cancer. Calculate and plan delicious ways to make sure you are eating enough of the correct fruits, veggies, and grains day to day. Deep dive into cancer metabolism but with a simplified explanation, so you really understand why sugar does not feed cancer and can put that myth, and so many other conflicting cancer nutrition myths, to rest.Implement simplified strategies to treat common problems during and after cancer treatment: brain fog, liver health, common cancer treatment gut problems, fear of recurrence, hydration, and stress—with evidence-based nutrition strategies, cancer-prevention exercise recommendations, sleep hygiene protocols, lymphedema tips to remain active, and more.Enjoy 50 cancer-prevention, fiber-filled, healthy fat recipes, including Chicken Apple Pecan Mixed Greens Salad, Quick Salmon Rice Bowl, Apple Nachos, Individual Flatbread Pizzas, Berry Lemon Protein Muffin Cup, Turmeric Latte, Chocolate Matcha Energy Balls, Super Seed Chocolate Bark, and more!

Get ready to discover your strongest, healthiest cancer-prevention self so you can feel like you again and get back to living your life to the fullest outside of the cancer world.

Sugar Does Not Feed Cancer: The Complete Guide to Cancer Prevention Nutrition & Lifestyle
Sugar Does Not Feed Cancer: The Complete Guide to Cancer Prevention Nutrition & Lifestyle


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