Slap Yo Monkey! Golfers Ultimate Stress Doll 12 Balls | Golf Ball in Its Head | Funny Gift Gets Laughs | Christmas Stuff Sack for Glove, Tees, and More | Ball Holder | Funny Gifts White Elephant


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It all started after a stressful day at work and a quick round of golf with beers and friends. I found myself slicing the ball into the rough all day and when I approached the 14th hole tee box, I started the “search for your golf ball jig”. I was out of balls as they were all in the woods. As I turned to go back to my cart for a ball a friend tossed me one and yelled “Slap that Monkey, that’s about all you’re good at today!” We all laughed and at that moment a new brand was born…. The MonkeyBall Golf Ball with the logo “Slap Your Monkey!” And needless to say, the day’s stress was lifted

As the founder of MonkeyBall Sports, I can genuinely say I am proud that my name is attributed to trademarking “Slap Your Monkey”! Our brand is about laughter, levity, and good times with friends.


When you order this gift for Father’s day, Mother’s day, Christmas, or as a Birthday Gift, you get our sock monkey “Mulligan” as pictured with a twist. Mulligan has a zipper head that when opened creates a pocket for your favorite golf ball or even use it for easy access to your lip balm, sunscreen etc. Mulligan comes with one “Slap Your Monkey” golf ball, preloaded, in his head. There’s also a tag on Mulligan that says “If you’re having a bad day reach down, grab me and “Slap Your Monkey” (for luck on the course. Your game may not improve but your mood will.)”

Mulligan can clip or velcro to anything for display in your office, on your golf bag or cart, ski jacket, sports bag or car mirror. It’s the perfect retirement gift or groomsmen gift for men and women who will spending a little more time “monkeying around”.


This funny gift brings out the smiles from both men and women. Fit for her, and bringing fun to any party, tourney, goody bag toy, this funny gift is ideal for anyone. Stress relief toys like this one are the most ideal gift for the person that has everything. Gifts for him, golf gifts for him and gifts for her, you’ll find that everyone is thankful for the gift of laughter.


When you “Slap Your Monkey!” Golf Gift Club Sock you can be assured your monkey can take a pounding. Therefore, Mulligan is made from recycled wool and has a “heart on”. His heart is high quality felt so he’s ready for the moment. Besides that, the pocket in his head that holds your golf ball is reinforced on all seams. Our Golf Club sock really is a great conversation started and an efficient way to store those extra balls that you might need if your ball in play doesn’t go too straight. One of the greatest golf accessories on the market and also one of the funniest golf cart accessories you can buy.


Available in 12 Ball Box with (4) Pack of 3 Ball Boxes
Growth Gradient Energetic Core is softer in the center and firmer on the outside to launch higher off the tee with less spin for maximum distance
Soft, thinner surlyn cover for greater spin around the greens and softer feel on pitches, chips and putts
Our dimple pattern & core combine for longer driver distance as well as more consistency and control with your irons
Attributes: Surlyn cover dual core high velocity
Conforms with U.S.G.A and R & A Rules


Golf Club Sock Ball Holder
Box of 12 Balls with (4) Packs of 3 Ball Boxes
One MonkeyBall Sports Decal
One Tee

Golf AccessoryGolf Accessory

Ultimate DistanceUltimate Distance

Slap Your Monkey Golf BallsSlap Your Monkey Golf Balls

Slap your monkeySlap your monkey

Monkey BallMonkey Ball


USA Owned & OperatedUSA Owned & Operated

Here We Are!

We take pride in all of our products & services. If you ever have a problem with our products, get with us right away and we will make it right!

⛳ HIGH QUALITY & REFUNDABLE FOR 60 DAYS: Made from high-quality, anti-wrinkle, & anti-piling material with industrial strength stitching. Long lasting with a durable clip for long use. And we’re green, we use a recycled wool for a secure fit & protection. At 12 inches long & 4 wide he even comes with a heart on! Includes 1 sock monkey, golf accessories – 12 golf balls & decal. Tell the world to “go play with itself” with our free decal that pictures of mascot Mulligan who says “Slap Your Monkey
⛳ BEST GOLF GIFT ESPECIALLY W/ OUR T-Shirt (Pictured): Your Senior or Dad has heard all the jokes about golf balls & its DULL! Pair this with our Mulligan T-Shirt & you’ve got a funny golf gift that lasts for years! Imagine laughs you’ll get when your novelty gift is opened & you say “Got you Mulligan because I know you like to #SLAPYOURMONKEY!“ Retiree? You’re gonna spend a lot of time #SLAPPINGYOURMONKEY & the same if you’re a bachelor or inside w your putting green!
⛳ GAG GOLF BALLS MAKE A GREAT GAG GIFT & PLAY GREAT: Anyone who loves golf stuff will love this fun golf gift! GUARANTEED LAUGHS & CONVERSATION!. Smack your monkey and put your balls in our Mulligan sack to be an attention getter. Put Mulligan by the potty with your “golf magazines” & remind your loved one you know who is #SLAPPINGTHEIRMONKEY!
⛳ OUR EXTRA LONG MONKEY TAKES A POUNDING: SEX sells because it distracts. And our innuendo gets in the heads of your buds making it hard to focus while your prank will keep you laughing to the 19th hole! Goes great as a white elephant gift or novelty gift for men & women. Don’t play with pink balls a droopy sack. Slap Your Monkey! And throw those other toys into the toilet!

Slap Yo Monkey! Golfers Ultimate Stress Doll 12 Balls | Golf Ball in Its Head | Funny Gift Gets Laughs | Christmas Stuff Sack for Glove, Tees, and More | Ball Holder | Funny Gifts White Elephant
Slap Yo Monkey! Golfers Ultimate Stress Doll 12 Balls | Golf Ball in Its Head | Funny Gift Gets Laughs | Christmas Stuff Sack for Glove, Tees, and More | Ball Holder | Funny Gifts White Elephant


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