Applying Positive Affirmations as My Response to Colon Cancer

Tom Ziglar once said, “The most powerful story in the world is the story you tell yourself because it determines your thinking, your thinking determines your performance and your performance determines your results.” This quote signifies how I responded after my diagnosis with colon cancer.

Throughout my journey, I came to the realization that the story I was telling myself played a crucial component in my recovery. I remembered expressing phrases such as, “I am a champion. I got this. I am strong, a warrior, a fighter. It runs in the Deschamps family.” My demeanor and way of thinking were essential in the success of my recuperation. With this optimistic mindset, I was able to overcome one of my most difficult challenges at such a very young age.

I want to take a moment and share with you one of the techniques that has played an important role in my recovery, which was affirmations. According to Merriam-Webster, an affirmation is “the act of affirming.” In other words, claiming or making a declaration. Affirmations gave me the opportunity to shift my mindset. As a consequence, it led to getting the results I desired, which was to be cancer-free.

By learning to apply affirmations effectively, I was able to tell my story in a positive light. I began to view my diagnosis more as a blessing because it helped me become the woman I am today.

Due to my diagnosis with colon cancer, I began to apply affirmations which focused on health. I would tell myself on a consistent basis: I am healthy and whole. I have perfect health. I am cancer free. I am healed. Other affirmations included the following:

  • I am healthy, whole and full of vitality. It has given me the opportunity to create new memories with the people I love. Waking up every morning gives me a sense of purpose. I know that my journey in this world is just beginning.
  • I have a healthy mind, body and soul. It provides me with a clear vision of who I want to be along with where I want to go. Everything I need is already within me.
  • I can heal my body with daily exercises and take deep breaths. It allows me to have a strong healthy physique, which is my temple. My mood and energy instantly improve.
  • I will nurture my body with good food, sleep and self-care. It gives me the stamina to keep moving forward and face challenges with bravery and resistance. Taking care of my body is my No. 1 priority.

By repeating these affirmations out loud, I have trained my way of thinking. I started to focus more on positive thoughts versus negative ones. 

One of my YouTube channels that I still listen to today is Bob Baker’s. He is known for positive self-talk and speaking about how applying affirmations can have a positive impact in your life. I listen to Bob every morning, as it is part of my daily routine. Through him, I have learned to focus on the things I want, along with strengthening my mindset. As you can see, being diagnosed with colon cancer has been a blessing in disguise. I appreciate life more and am open to new and endless opportunities.

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