A Poem About Cancer, My Friend

Cancer, My Friend

Cancer, my friend

It may sound strange.

It dragged me down and set the stage.

Changed my life, turned it around.

Opened my eyes, the world to see.

Live every moment, enjoy it, that’s me.

Life’s too short to waste the chance.

Learn to sing, learn to dance.

Forget your fears, for it won’t help.

Step out in faith, let out a yelp.

To The Nurses

Angels of mercy, they care for us.

Our pain and struggles they choose to face.

They ease and comfort while in this place.

They help us face life’s grim realities.

Hold our hands and share our frailties.

Lift our spirits with their smiles.

Hide their tears all the while.

Although their path leads not to riches.

Filled with sorrow, IVs and stitches.

They’re just rewards I pray He blesses.

I wrote these poems on Aug. 2, 2002, while undergoing chemo for my colon cancer. I was diagnosed with colon cancer again in 2015. My cancer diagnosis reignited a passion for writing poetry, and I wrote some 20 poems during that first cancer treatment experience. I found directing my focus on the creative process prevented me from going down the path of negative thoughts. Feeding my own faith and helping me overcome and endure the difficulties of chemo. I am happy to say that I am cancer-free, although my Lynch syndrome diagnosis requires continuous routine scans and testing.

This post was written and submitted by Chuck Chettle. The article reflects the views of Chettle and not of CURE®. This is also not supposed to be intended as medical advice.

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