My Sister Has Cancer

I went to see my sis today.

She loves when I tell her stories.

So I’m wearing my fossil bracelet.

A chambered nautilus [66 million years old];

Amber [I’ll make up a date];

A shark tooth — not a fossil —

removed from some poor shark

or surfboard. I’ll tell her

“If I ever meet a shark, I’ll show him

I have one of his teeth, but he has none of mine


Also wearing other bracelets.

The cartographer’s coordinates of Chicago.

The prayer of St. Francis.

“Make me an instrument of Thy peace”

[Though I’ve never proclaimed

any success at this.]

A little Sonic Reducer. Then

off to meditation — Episcopalian style.

Then to see my dearest sister.

Have happy days.

They are numbered.

This post was written and submitted by Martha Ellen Johnson. The article reflects the views of Johnson and not of CURE®. This is also not supposed to be intended as medical advice.

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