My Left Breast Cries No More

Had a lover long ago,

He bit my poor left breast,

And oh the terrible awful pain,

Inflicted on my chest.

And from that day forward,

She recoiled from any touch,

And any kiss, caress or stroke,

Was entirely too much.

Always super sensitive,

She never felt right.

My poor left breast,

Always worried about a bite.

My right breast took the brunt.

She had never felt the pain.

My left breast cried for years,

So touch they would refrain.

In my 70th year,

‘Twas when I first found out,

“Your left breast has got cancer,

We’ll have to cut it out.”

Went through the surgery

Had radiation too

It’s been about a year now

And with all I’ve been through

My left breast cries no more,

She’s finally free of all the woe.

And that’s my life’s little mercy,

From the bite that happened long ago.

I had HR-Positive cancer in my left breast and had a lumpectomy and radiation a year ago. This poem tells one unexpected but fortunate result that came out of the surgery and I feel that writing and sharing this poem is very therapeutic for me.

This post was written and submitted by Hollis Jackson. The article reflects the views of Jackson and not of CURE®. This is also not supposed to be intended as medical advice.

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