When Cancer Knocks on My Door

Illness as Visitor

Your presence has become familiar

like the sun shining at dawn

arriving at my doorstep

announcing an extended visit

did I invite you in my carelessness?

did I ring you up to say

c’mon over I’d love to see you

you decided

your visit

your lessons

your judgments were needed

I will change the sheets

stock up on oatmeal and crackers

stand in your light

nod like I care

notice your large suitcase

preparing for a lengthy stay

I will turn off the porch light

so you don’t invite your friends

Life Like Jello

Standing on unresolved terrain

like jello refusing to firm

do I use a spoon or a straw

Medical trauma

no one intact knows

its slippery alleys

its dark corners

its rocky cliffs

you crawl out of your skin every day

hide the mental scars that feel

tattooed on your forehead

No one intact knows

our dreams look like nightmares

No one intact knows

I wish I didn’t

Knobby Bits

Discovering a knobby bit on my chest

blindfolded it would be felt

no worries, the Knowledgeables say

who understands my body better

than the one that’s wearing it

this body surprises at times

but I know all the knobby bits

when a new one enters the neighborhood

do I greet it with a fruit basket

or bolt the doors

All I want to know is

who’s moving in

is the enemy already in the basement

courting moldy mushrooms

or in the attic sorting through love letters

Are the Knowledgeables

inhaling mildew or love

This post was written and submitted by Clare Olivares. The article reflects the views of Olivares and not of CURE®. This is also not supposed to be intended as medical advice.

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