Treating The Whole Patient: Navigating Kidney Cancer

In collaboration with the Kidney Cancer Association, CURE® recently hosted the “Educated Patient® Webinar: Treating the Whole Patient: Navigating Kidney Cancer,” hosted by Darlene Dobkowski, Associate Editorial Director for CURE®.

During the webinar, experts shared their insights and experiences. These individuals included: Dr. David A. Braun, from the Yale Cancer Center; Claudia Tatum, from the Kidney Cancer Association; and Steven Edwards from the Kidney Cancer Association.

The webinar addressed the following topics and questions:

Introduction to kidney cancer

  • What are the signs and symptoms of kidney cancer, and how is it diagnosed?
  • What are the stages and types of kidney cancer?
  • What should patients ask their care teams?
  • What advice would you give to patients who are going through kidney cancer.

Treatments and side effect management

  • What are the therapy options for patients with kidney cancer?
  • Are there any side effects associated with these options? Are they easily manageable?
  • Are there any therapies on the horizon for patients with kidney cancer?
  • An overview of Edwards’ treatment experience.

Supporting the entire patient

  • What does it mean to treat and care for the whole patient?
  • How can patients have a positive experience when discussing therapy options with their care teams?
  • Why is it important for patients to receive information up front as a means of support?
  • How can cancer care teams focus on the entire patient rather than just the disease? Why is this important?
  • How can these tactics potentially improve a patient’s quality of life?
  • Why was it important for you to be treated as whole patient? Was there a certain moment that has happened to you that stands out?

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