In life, I met a girl so strong, brave and true,

Within four walls, she battled a constant cue.

Surviving, not living, she faced a relentless strife,

Moremi, a young soul navigating through life.

Born in Nigeria’s west, in Africa’s embrace,

Her memory lingers, my heart’s sacred space.

I try to divert my thoughts, but I can’t deny,

Her innocent gaze, a plea in each dark eye.

Her mind puzzled, imagining the world outside,

Yet, hope waned, like a fading tide.

She fought against sickness, a brave young soul,

Yet, it fought harder, taking its toll.

A 12-year-old warrior, courage in her stare,

Yet, sickness, a ruthless terror in the air.

Determined to live, dreams she’d conceive,

But sickness threatened, luring dreams to grieve.

Docs and teams fought, her heartbeat’s descent,

Body systems failing, a despairing lament.

Yet, she’d jolt back, gasping for air,

Mother’s dripping tears, a father’s silent prayer.

Wishing for release, from the hands that tried,

From loved ones’ grasp, in pain, she’d hide.

Drowning in the pit where life began,

Her tears echoed, a heart-wrenching plan.

Today, we lay her down in the earth’s embrace,

Cancer claims victory, a bitter taste.

To those fighting, courage to you I send,

May your stories not meet this tragic end.

Lost a girl, lost a niece, grief in the wind,

Adieu, Moremi, where memories begin.

This post was written and submitted by Golden Kelvins. The article reflects the views of Kelvins and not of CURE®. This is also not supposed to be intended as medical advice.

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