How ‘frugal fashion’ led Caroline to start a fundraising podcast

Their discussions span the seed of an idea to the highs and inevitable lows, their connection to the charity or cause they are supporting, and the grit and determination it took to get their project off the ground and over the finishing line.

“I found myself ruminating and thinking I can’t be the only one who was served a really curved ball and the spin-off from doing that little thing changed my life,” Caroline said. 

“Every day, someone, somewhere is doing something amazing. Often driven by grief, emotion, or trauma, they are not doing it for themselves, for the accolades or for the spotlight – it’s very often for a cause close to them.   

“Fundraising is hard work and behind every person is a story, one the podcast unravels and explores.” 

She hopes the series will not only be an inspiring listen but will encourage listeners to take up their own fundraising challenge. 

And, importantly, she hopes it will also give the wider third sector some fascinating insight and learnings.  

“Very often, with successful fundraisers, there’s no plan, no campaign strategy and no marketing team – it’s a one-man or woman fundraising band,” she added.    

“So, I hope the podcast is an inspiring listen for anyone thinking of taking on their own challenge, and for the wider charity sector to understand what it takes to work alongside an often fast-paced campaign.   

“I really want the charity sector to listen and learn from these exceptional fundraisers and connect with them and their donors. I think it gives a different perspective because we are not employed by the charities.” 

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