It’s time to redefine the narrative on cancer

At 6ft 9ins, Will Wise is a striking figure. In his sports kit and size 15 trainers, he looks ready to take on the world. 

But appearances can be deceptive. At 30 years old, Will has a rare and incurable stage 4 cancer. 

Will’s cancer diagnosis was shocking and devastating, changing his life in a split second. He describes the last 14 months as ‘shocking, scary, spontaneous and amazing’. 

While going through tough treatment, he has founded #CancerBae, a movement focused on reshaping perceptions of the disease. 

“My aim is to not only raise awareness but also provide unwavering support to those, like me, who are on what is a formidable journey,” Will said. 

“Cancer isn’t just a word to be whispered in hushed tones. It affects each of us in some way, so it’s time to redefine the narrative.” 

CML Alliance
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