That Cancer Conversation podcast – Longer, better lives: Ep.1 What is Cancer Research UK’s manifesto? – Cancer Research UK

That’s why, in late 2023 we embarked on an ambitious policy development programme, giving a voice to the millions of patients and thousands of researchers who are demanding for real progress in cancer research and care in the UK.   

And so, Longer, better lives was born.   

Follow Sophie over the next five episodes as she uncovers the missions behind this manifesto and why we need it now more than ever.

In this first episode, Sophie speaks to Shaun Walsh, Head of public affairs and campaigns at Cancer Research UK. Shaun has followed the manifesto’s journey, from conception to its launch in November, and explains what it is and why Cancer Research UK has created it. 

To join us in telling party leaders to back our calls for longer, better lives, you can sign our open letter. 

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