Veronica returns to the spotlight 7 years after cancer diagnosis

Veronica Mehta, a London-born singer-songwriter and R&B/bhangra artist, decided to tell the world she’d had breast cancer as part of our Stand Up to Cancer campaign in 2018. 

But after speaking out about her cancer experience, she withdrew from her public life to concentrate on her three children and healing herself. 

Now, 7 years after diagnosis, she is returning with a new single, which catalogues her cancer journey and delivers the message there is life after cancer. 

“A rush of emotions”

“I think originally, I felt overwhelmed by everything that had happened, physically, mentally and emotionally, and it has taken seven years to get myself back together,” Veronica said. 

“I knew I wanted to do something to turn that negative into a positive. Music has always been my first love, so I went back into the studio with my producer Rishi Rich, and what came flooding out in a rush of emotions was a song, Gone.” 

Gone, and the AI video that accompanies it, tracks her cancer journey from her home life in London at the prime of her career, to the moment the dark shadows of a cancer diagnosis threaten to envelop her.  

It follows her to iconic places in Mumbai – Bollywood and a special temple – and to New York, where she’d visited as part of a US tour she’d previously embarked on.  

“Those shadows are full of fear, but they also push me to fight,” she said.  

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