Basketball Player Eric Montross Dies From Cancer, Teddi Mellencamp Reveals Post-Treatment Scars and More

Former basketball player, Eric Montross, died from cancer.

Eric Montross, former UNC basketball player, died from cancer on Sunday. The retired NBA player was 52 years old.

“To know Eric was to be his friend, and the family knows that the ripples from the generous, thoughtful way that he lived his life will continue in the lives of the many people he touched with his deep and sincere kindness,” his family stated, according to ABC 11.

Former basketball player, Eric Montross, died from cancer.

Montross received a diagnosis of cancer back in March, causing him to leave Tar Heel Sports Network this season, where he worked for 18 seasons.

Montross also played nine seasons in the NBA, where he played on the Boston Celtics, Dallas Mavericks, Toronto Raptors and Philadelphia 76ers.

“I am deeply saddened by the loss of my good friend and Tar Heel legend Eric Montross,” UNC Chancellor Kevin Guskiewicz stated, according to ABC 11. “He was an incredible friend, a passionate leader and an inspiring advocate for our campus.”

Montross also left behind his extraordinary advocacy work and raising awareness by volunteering at UNC Children’s Hospital.

“Eric was an exceptional basketball player but an even more exceptional person. Super high integrity, very personable, always wanting to sort out how he can help the children, which is what he always asked me and others about,” said Stephanie Duggins Davis, physician-in-chief at UNC Children’s Hospital, according to ABC 11.

‘Big Bang Theory’ star, Kate Micucci, announced that she is cancer-free.

Kate Micucci, an actress in ‘Big Bang Theory’ announced that she is cancer-free after surgery. Micucci, 43, announced the news on TikTok this past Saturday.

“I have great news, which is that I am cancer-free!” she stated. “The surgery last week went great. All the reports came back that it worked, I don’t need to do any other treatment. So big thank you to all my doctors and nurses and everyone (who) took just really great care of me. And thanks to figuring it out early because I am very very lucky and I know that.”

Micucci addressed her lung cancer diagnosis last week in a recent TikTok filmed in the hospital.

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“I’m just really grateful that things worked out as they did,” she continued. “I’m feeling really good today and I’m honestly just so excited and truly grateful. So thank you all for all the prayers and wishes. I’m just glad I can report some good news to you.”

Micucci will also be spending time with her 3-year-old son during the holidays, emphasizing that she was “excited to hang with my little boy for Christmas.”

Teddi Mellencamp revealed post-treatment melanoma pictures.

Teddi Mellencamp, TV personality, posted photos of her melanoma after a cancer treatment failed to work. Mellencamp shared the news on Tuesday.

“I had a wide excision removal on my most recent melanoma last week to see if it (worked) and sadly it did not,” the former ‘The Real Housewives of Beverly Hills’ star stated on her social media. “I have decided with my doctors that the best next course of action is (to) have surgery on December 26th to remove a larger portion of (the) problematic area.”

Photos of scars on her back were posted, revealing previous biopsy and surgery marks.

“(I) hope this is a reminder to book your skin checks for the new year,” she stated.

“I don’t like going under and my anxiety is popping off but I have faith all will be ok and that the reason this is happening to me is because I am able to raise awareness.”

Mellencamp has been diagnosed with melanoma since 2022.

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“I chose the cream to start, my doctor recommended I do it in three sections because of the potential side effects,” Mellencamp wrote on Instagram. “That’s not my style, that would have taken over three months. I want to beat this thing like yesterday so we are treating the entire area now for the next five weeks. I am scared, I am sad but I am a fighter and have the most loving support system and for that I am so very grateful.”

Mel Schilling of ‘Married at First Sight’ announced cancer diagnosis.

‘Married at First Sight’ dating coach Mel Schilling revealed that she has been diagnosed with colon cancer this past Tuesday on Instagram. Schilling found out she had colon cancer last week.

Schilling announced that she will be spending her holidays in the hospital, stating that, “This week I had planned to travel to Northern Ireland with my family to spend Christmas with loved ones,” she stated on Instagram.

“Instead tomorrow morning I’m checking in to (the) hospital to have an operation to remove a (five-centimeter) tumour in my colon, a tumour that, had it gone undetected for much longer, would have killed me.”

Schilling reminded individuals on social media to be cautious of anything suspicious, saying, “If you don’t think the answers you have got are right, keep going until you do, it might just save your life”.

Schilling has been a part of the television show since 2016 in both Australia and the UK.

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