Cancer, Though Ferocious, Has Not Conquered My Spirit

As an advocate for health and longevity, I dedicated my life to fostering emotional, mental and physical wellbeing.

My journey to redefining health and vitality began not with my own battle, but through the eyes of my beloved brother. His courageous fight against cancer unveiled to me the fragile nature of existence. Each step he took, every ounce of strength he displayed, etched a deeper understanding in my mind of what it means to cherish every breath, every move. When he succumbed to his fight, a purpose was birthed within me: to alter the trajectory of others’ lives towards health and wellness.

As an advocate for health and longevity, I dedicated my life to fostering emotional, mental and physical wellbeing. I was the guide standing at the forefront, equipped with knowledge and empathy, leading my patients on a path to recovery. Yet, destiny had an unexpected twist awaiting me — one that would test the very essence of my beliefs and teachings.

Two months prior to what was to be the happiest day of my life — my wedding — I faced an adversary I had only known through the battles of others: cancer. A diagnosis of stage 3 liposarcoma was delivered to me. This diagnosis did not just mark a turning point in my life; it became a transformation of my very soul.

What followed was a journey through the realms of resilience, pain, and revelation. I found myself in the trenches, waging a war similar to the ones I had witnessed and comforted others through. The therapies I had advocated for my patients were now my lifelines—my allies in the fight for life.

Four months post-treatment, as a testament to my defiance against the disease that sought to claim my life, I competed on American Ninja Warrior. Stepping onto that course, I carried the weight of my experience and the strength it forged within me. Every obstacle surmounted echoed the triumphs over the trials cancer placed in my path.

What I have learned is that speaking of a resilient mindset from a podium is one endeavor; living it is entirely another. I discovered the profound depth of adversity, not through syllables but through silence, in moments where my body and spirit were battered by treatments and surgeries. The loss of movement due to radiation and limb-sparing surgery became my tutor, teaching me the invaluable lesson that the freedom of motion is a gift beyond measure. I had often spoken of nutrition as a cornerstone of good health, but it was only when I was left weakened by chemotherapy that I truly understood food is not just sustenance; it is medicine. Each meal became a calculated step towards rejuvenation, a deliberate choice to fuel the restoration of my body.

Through this experience, my life’s choices came into sharp focus. The decision to leave my company, to invest wholeheartedly in my passion, was no longer just a professional pivot but a lifeline to my essence and purpose. It was a declaration that my life — no matter the length — would be dedicated to the pursuit of healing, not just for myself, but for the countless souls who want to heal their bodies, transform their lives, and thrive.

My support system — my fiancé, family, friends — were the bedrock on which I steadied myself. They were the light in moments of despair and the laughter in times of darkness. Their unwavering presence reminded me that while cancer could overcome my body, it could not touch the bonds of love that anchored me to this life

In sharing my journey, my hope is to ignite a flame of resilience in others and to convey that while cancer can indeed change your outlook on life, it does not have to dim the spirit. Rather, it can illuminate paths we never knew existed and teach us the true value of health, the beauty of movement, and the healing power of nutrition.

My brother’s legacy lives on through my fight and through the lives I touch. Cancer, with all its ferocity, has not conquered my spirit — it has catalyzed a transformation that continues to unfold, each day teaching me more about life than I had ever known and reminding me that it is my responsibility to share my gifts with the world.

For now, as the title of my book suggests, I “rise up” each day with a warrior’s heart and a healer’s intent, living proof that the human spirit, once kindled, burns brighter than before — fearlessly and unmistakably alive.

This post was written and submitted by a CURE reader. The article reflects the views the author and not of CURE®. This is also not supposed to be intended as medical advice.

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