Welcoming supporters to the new home of cancer research in Manchester – Cancer Research UK

This week we were delighted to welcome some of our corporate partners, supporters, and ambassadors to our new building at the Cancer Research UK Manchester Institute.

The old Paterson building was sadly destroyed by a fire in April 2017. But this year, thanks to support from the local community and across the UK, we opened a brand-new facility to pioneer new cancer treatments.

Guests who attended the event had the opportunity to tour the fantastic new facilities and go behind the scenes to speak to some of our researchers inside their labs. Dr Kathryn Simpson, Team Leader at our Cancer Biomarker Centre, also expertly explained her vital work and the impact that our supporters have.

Her team uses biomarkers, which can be measured in a variety of clinical specimens, e.g. in blood or urine, or in a biopsy of a tumour, to understand more about a person’s cancer and how it’s behaving. This information can be used to detect cancers earlier, make better decisions about the best course of treatment, and monitor responses, so that treatments can be changed if needed. This is resulting in better outcomes for cancer patients.

“We’re so enthusiastic and grateful for everything that you enable us to do.” Dr Kathryn Simpson.

Thank you to all our supporters who joined us at the event. You’re helping us to achieve our vision of a world where everyone leads longer better lives free from the fear of cancer.

If you’re interested in finding out more about our research in Manchester or how your organisation could work with us, please contact the team by emailing [email protected].

Together we are beating cancer.

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