Skin Care Essentials To Address Appearance-Related Side Effects From Cancer Treatment

In part one of CURE’s “Radiance Unveiled: Skincare and Makeup Strategies Throughout Breast Cancer Treatment” webinar, Rudy Miles, a 10-year Look Good Feel Better volunteer and national trainer, and Olivia Summer Hutcherson, a three-time survivor and thriver, discussed skincare during cancer treatment to assist patients in their daily routine, discussing what products they should use and what to avoid.

In this segment, Miles focused on a daily routine patients can follow as part of their skincare regime, and also ways to address appearance-related side effects with skincare products.

Hutcherson shared her experience during her eight-year journey with breast cancer, and how treatment has affected her skin as a result. “Most recently, I did 40 rounds of radiation in a month. And you know, they say that they call radiation the silent killer. And that’s because a lot of the time the side effects don’t appear right away. They appear over time,” she explained.


01:51 – Radiation side effects and skincare changes.

  • Olivia Summer Hutcherson discussed her experience with dryness and numbness after 40 rounds of radiation.
  • She added that, as a result, it has required more gentle skincare and hydration in her daily routine.

03:33 Skincare during cancer treatment.

  • Rudy Miles discussed skincare importance during cancer treatment.
  • He recommended using gentle oil cleansers, using warm water and avoiding toners as drying agents.
  • Miles also noted the importance of using moisturizer as a daily routine, suggesting that face oils may help as well, and not to forget about applying SPF daily.

04:23 Skincare for appearance-related side effects of cancer treatment.

  • Rudy Miles addressed appearance-related side effects of cancer treatment with skincare products.
  • In particular, he focused on side effects that could effect skin temperature, tone and other skincare concerns.

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