Seeking Support for Mental, Emotional Well-Being During Breast Cancer

In part four of CURE’s “Mind Over Matter: Cultivating a Resilient Mindset During Breast Cancer Treatment” webinar, Ricki Fairley, CEO of TOUCH, The Black Breast Cancer Alliance; Hayley Brown, director of partnerships and programs at TOUCH, The Black Breast Cancer Alliance; and Michelle Anderson-Benjamin, CEO and founder of The Fearless Warrior Organization, offered advice on how patients with breast cancer can be aware of and seek support for their mental and emotional health during their breast cancer journey.

They also highlighted the importance of raising awareness around patients’ well-being, and how resources can help along the way.


00:04 – Helping women overcome emotional stress and seek therapy

  • Ricki Fairley encouraged the audience to help women recognize and overcome emotional stress and barriers to seeking therapy, such as the stigma surrounding asking for help.

01:09 – Cancer survivorship and support

  • Hayley Brown shared resources available for breast cancer survivors, such as from TOUCH, The Black Breast Cancer Alliance, no how people can support their loved ones by actively listening and inspiring others.

02:37 – Importance of mental health and awareness

  • The panel discussed the importance of paying attention to one’s body to identify stress, anxiety, depression and other feelings related to one’s mental health.

04:18 – Breast cancer support groups and therapy

  • Ricki Fairley encourages patients, in particular triple-negative breast cancer survivors, to seek therapy, share their experiences and discuss their journey with fellow survivors.

05:31 – Treating the whole person, not just their physical illness

  • Michelle Anderson-Benjamin emphasized the importance of addressing the whole patient, and not just focusing on treating one’s disease, but also homing in on their mental and emotional well-being throughout their breast cancer journey.

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