Encouraging Patients to Have a Resilient Mindset During Breast Cancer

In part one of CURE’s “Mind Over Matter: Cultivating a Resilient Mindset During Breast Cancer Treatment” webinar, Ricki Fairley, CEO of TOUCH, The Black Breast Cancer Alliance; Hayley Brown, director of partnerships and programs at TOUCH, The Black Breast Cancer Alliance; and Michelle Anderson-Benjamin, CEO and founder of The Fearless Warrior Organization, discussed mental resilience during one’s breast cancer journey.


00:05 – Mental resilience during breast cancer treatment

  • The panel discussed mental resilience during breast cancer treatment, while sharing their personal experiences and perspectives on the topic.

01:37 – Managing cancer treatment while maintaining personal and family responsibilities

  • Michelle Anderson-Benjamin talked about how she prioritizes her loved ones’ needs throughout her cancer journey, while also becoming a mental health coach to help others in their own journey.

03:24 – Cancer diagnosis, treatment and family support

  • Hayley Brown, Ricki Fairley’s daughter, reflected on her mother’s mental stability during her cancer treatment, highlighting her positive attitude and determination throughout.
  • Ricki Fairley shared how her children also played a role in stepping in to help during cancer treatment, demonstrating resilience and adaptability on their side as well.

06:44 – Cancer diagnosis and communication with family

  • Ricki Fairley shared her story of her diagnosis, and when she decided to tell her daughter of her diagnosis and what information she chose to withhold.
  • Hayley Brown shared how this may have led to emotional trauma after learning of her mother’s diagnosis.

08:36 – Health disparities and cancer in the black community

  • As Black women, the panel discussed the stigma around mental health therapy in cancer treatment within the Black community.
  • The panel also discussed their personal family history of breast and prostate cancer, highlighting the importance of discussing health disparities in communities of color.
  • Lastly, the panel emphasized the need to start conversations at the table and push the agenda to address health disparities, rather than ignoring them.

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