Julia Louis-Dreyfus Talks About Her Breast Cancer Diagnosis, Dolph Lundgren Gives a Cancer Update and More

Julia Louis-Dreyfus discussed her 2017 breast cancer diagnosis.

Julia Louis-Dreyfus recently discussed her experience with breast cancer.

At the 2023 New Yorker Festival, “Seinfeld” and “Veep” actress Julia Louis-Dreyfus revealed the moment that she found out she had cancer. Dreyfus, 62, explained how a call from her doctor went unexpectedly.

“I started laughing. Well, because the night before, I had won an Emmy. And so, I came downstairs and … the Emmy was there. It was like on the dining room table. I’m coming down to get coffee. My cell phone rings, and it’s my doctor saying, ‘Guess what, you have cancer,’ ” she said at the festival, according to People.

“I was deeply terrified because who wouldn’t be? I mean, all the tropes are true. You know, you get that call and it’s like, ‘What, me? No, no, no.’ I mean, you can’t imagine that something like that would happen to you,” Dreyfus explained, according to the magazine.

Dreyfus announced that she was cancer-free in October 2018 after undergoing six rounds of chemotherapy and a double mastectomy.

“I’m just so happy to be here, you know. I think I’m enjoying things more,” she told the festival audience. “I think I work hard now to try not to allow my stress to enter my body if I can do it. That’s a difficult nut to crack, you know, for sure, because we’re all stressed. But it does have an impact.”

“I’m not saying I got cancer from stress, necessarily, but it’s not good for you. And it’s also not a happy place to live in,” she added. “So, I’m just very focused on … trying to enjoy my life as much as possible,” Dreyfus noted, according to People.

“Rocky” franchise actor Dolph Lundgren said he feels good after undergoing treatment for cancer.

Earlier this year, “Rocky” franchise star Dolph Lundgren announced that he had received a cancer diagnosis in 2015 after doctors found a tumor on his kidney. Now, the 65-year-old said that he is continuing treatment but feeling good.

“I’m living a normal life. I’m still taking oral medication, but it doesn’t really affect me,” Lundgren, 65, told “Entertainment Tonight.” “I mean, there’s no side effects. Every day to me is a blessing, and I really enjoy it, and I feel really good about that.”

According to People, the tumor on Lundgren’s kidney was removed, but then another was found on his liver in 2021, which led his then-clinician to tell the actor that he likely had only a few more years to live. Lundgren then sought out a second opinion and started a new treatment regimen that targeted a specific mutation.

Tanner McKee, football quarterback for the Philadelphia Eagles, revealed cancer diagnosis.

Philadelphia Eagles quarterback Tanner McKee has revealed that he received a diagnosis of melanoma in 2016 when he, at the age of 16, noticed that a mole on his face had been growing and changing.

“At the time, I had no idea what that meant,” McKee said in an article posted to the Eagles’ website. “I could tell my mom was nervous when she told me about the diagnosis.” McKee’s grandfather had died due to cancer when he was in his early 60s.

Two lymph nodes were removed from McKee’s neck to prevent the cancer from spreading to his organs. The nerve that controlled movement in his right arm was next to one of the lymph nodes removed, worrying McKee about his future football career, had the nerve been damaged.

“Words do not do justice to how proud we are of him,” McKee’s father, Jeremie stated, on the Eagles’ website. “He has been gifted with the ability to handle adversity and not make excuses. He is a great football player, but an even better person.”

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