CURE’s Audience Posts Cancer Support Pets

Pets can positively impact patients with cancer by being a support system for their owners during a stressful and overwhelming time. Stress reduction, physical activity and support are just a few ways as to how pets can help patients with cancer.

CURE’s audience posted photos of their pets to spread appreciation throughout their cancer experiences.

Donna Behr’s dog, Shiloh, who remained a support system throughout her cancer experience.

Donna Behr, explained how her dog, Shiloh, helped her throughout treatment, but sadly passed away last October.

“My beautiful boy, Shiloh, was always by my side, stuck to me like glue. Always comforted me on my bad days. Helped me through nine years of treatment, now I must do it without him, lost him on October 15th, 2022.”

Kir Mangold Chepeus discussed how her cat and dog worked as health nurses to assists her throughout her overwhelming time.

Kir Mangold Chepeus’s pets never left her side to make sure that Kir had all of the support she needed.

“These 2 never left my side. They could tell when I didn’t feel well and would stare at me with anticipation. The dog even went to get Daddy in the living room when I hiccupped or threw up (still does this!). The cat slept above my head or ON my feet and would keep one paw touching me at all times. Best home health nurses everrrr!”

Mark Tobolsky, who posted on CURE’s Facebook, opened up about his cat who never his side during his cancer experience.

Socrates could always tell when there was something wrong with owner, Mark Tobolsky.

“This was our Pixibob Socrates. We lost him last November at 12 (years old) to cancer of all things. I was diagnosed with stage 4a squamous cell carcinoma (head and neck cancer) in 2012. That boy knew something was wrong before I did (he would sniff, lick and curl up on my neck) and he was by my side the entire time. My wife took very seriously ill in 2016 (encephalitis) and was in the hospital and recovery for three months. He slept on a blanket that she used the entire time and when she came home, I took her up to bed and he was glued to her side as she continued her recovery.”

Colleen Brandt Holen explained how her dog, Domino, helped her through colon cancer.

Anne Heimel’s cat, Molly, helped to relax Anne during rectal cancer.

“My sweet Domino. I think I needed her more than she needed me! She was my reason to get up and move to take care of her after my colon cancer surgery.”

Anne Heilmel discusses how her cat, Molly, made her slowdown in times when Molly thought Anne was overwhelmed.

“My Molly was by my side during my entire rectal cancer treatment. She made me slow down and relax when she thought I was overdoing it.”

Pets offer numerous benefits during struggling times, especially throughout something as prominent as cancer.

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