Eagles’ Hall of Famer Discusses Diagnosis, Toby Keith Gives Cancer Update and More

Toby Keith discussed cancer diagnosis after receiving Country Icon Award.

After performing at the People’s Choice Country Awards, country singer Toby Keith revealed his “roller coaster” experience with cancer.

“I feel pretty good,” Keith, 62, told E! News in an exclusive interview published ahead of the awards show, according to NBC News.

Keith was diagnosed with stomach cancer in 2021 but had received treatment for months after his diagnosis.

“You get good days and, you know, you’re up and down, up and down. It’s always zero to 60 and 60 to zero but I feel good today,” Keith said.

Keith’s tumor has reduced by a third of the size it was when the cancer had been caught, he said.

Keith’s wife, Tricia Lucus, was brought to tears as Keith sang “Don’t’ Let the Old Man In.” Keither thanked most of his team and family during his winning speech.

“Those years of pounding those songs out there and remembering where you were when each one was conceived and all that, it’s amazing,” he said, according to NBC News.

Zoleka Mandela, granddaughter of Nelson Mandela, died from cancer.

Zoleka Mandela, the granddaughter of former South African president Nelson Mandela, died from cancer on Monday. She had breast cancer and that was in remission, but had later been diagnosed with cancer in her liver and lungs that began to spread,” according to a statement from the Mandela family.

“We mourn the loss of a beloved grandchild of Mum Winnie and Madiba,” the Nelson Mandela Foundation wrote on social media, using the name by which the Nobel Peace Prize laureate was known, according to CBS News.

Mandela, 43, worked alongside the Nelson Mandela Foundation to raise awareness on cancer and become an inspiration to those who struggled with a disease. Mandela set up foundations for these individuals.

“Zoleka passed away… surrounded by friends and family,” said Zwelabo Mandela.

Mandela was the of Mandela’s youngest daughter, Zindzi Mandela, and her first husband, Zwelibanzi Hlongwane.

Connor McGregor honored a fan who died from Sarcoma.

Former UFC double champion, Connor McGregor posted on X (formerly known as Twitter) about a fan who died from sarcoma. The fan looked up to McGregor and gave him credit for being an inspiration throughout his cancer experience.

McGregor commented on the late Richie McPeak’s tweet.

“Absolutely gutted! Rest In Peace Richie! What a fighter this man was! Will remember you always!” McGregor tweeted.

McGregor had previously been in contact with McPeak, sending him merchandise and personal items.

Steve Scalise revealed information about his blood cancer.

Steve Scalise, House Republican Majority Leader, revealed that an “aggressive form of chemotherapy” he had to treat his blood cancer caused his cancer to “drop dramatically.” Scalise released this information to medical staff last week after a full cancer evaluation.

“We had quick decisions to make in the hospital and that was ‘do we go into an aggressive form of chemotherapy?’ And luckily, my oncologist in New Orleans who we continue to consult with on a very regular basis has been phenomenal at walking me through what I need to do to first to focus on my health,” Scalise said, according to FOX News. “Because that has been the main focus is how do we address the cancer, because the cancers would put me in the hospital and was doing a lot of damage to my body and so we had to get control over that.”

Scalise was diagnosed with multiple myeloma in August and is currently a month into the treatments.

Bill Bergey discussed oral cancer diagnosis.

Bill Bergey turned to cancer survivor and former NFL player, Jim Kelly, for inspiration during his cancer experience.

Bill Bergey, Philadelphia Eagles Hall of Fame linebacker, discussed the oral cancer diagnosis that he received two years ago.

“I was going to my dentist, and my dentist didn’t like what he saw,” Bergey said, according to the Philadelphia Eagles Website. “He wanted me to go to Philadelphia, to the Penn Center, and have it checked out. And when they checked it out, they saw that cancer had started in my jaw.

“I didn’t give it the old, ‘Why me?’ or anything like that. I just thought that I had to fight it just like I would fight anything else that I needed to fight,” Bergey explained.

Bergey received an operation on his upper jaw and sinuses and then a second operation on his lower jaw.

“The only problem I am having right now is I have several leaking fluids in my mouth. I almost have to lean my head back. I’m getting that work done right now. But actually, I’m doing real good. All my numbers are real good. I just have this problem with my mouth,” stated Bergey.

Bergey discussed that through his cancer experience, former Buffalo Bills quarterback, Jim Kelly, has been his inspiration, as he has experienced many jaw surgeries.

“He has kind of been my inspiration. He keeps me on the up and up,” said Bergey.

Tim Wakefield, former Red Sox player, has brain cancer.

Former Red Sox player Tim Wakefield received a brain cancer diagnosis while his wife has pancreatic cancer.

One of Wakefield’s old teammates, Curt Schilling discussed the news on his podcast this past Wednesday.

“We are aware of the statements and inquiries about the health of Tim and Stacy Wakefield. Unfortunately, this information has been shared publicly without their permission,” the statement reads. “Their health is a deeply personal matter they intended to keep private as they navigate treatment and work to tackle this disease. Tim and Stacy are appreciative of the support and love that has always been extended to them and respectfully ask for privacy at this time.”

“Tim’s wife Stacy, who is one of the nicest women you’ll ever meet, is very sick with pancreatic cancer,” he continued. “Recently, Tim was diagnosed with a very serious, a very aggressive form of brain cancer.”

“This is not a message that Tim has asked anyone to share, and I don’t even know if he wants it shared,” he said, according to Boston Heard. “But as a Christian, and as a man of faith, I have seen prayer work, so I am going to talk about it.”

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