COVID-19 National Emergency Ends as Biden Signs Legislation

In this blog, IMF Chairman of the Board and Chief Scientific Officer Dr. Brian G.M. Durie provides invaluable insights as the COVID-19 national emergency comes to an end, shedding light on how this transition affects myeloma patients and their overall well-being.

The blog discusses the implications of the COVID-19 emergency concluding for myeloma patients. Dr. Durie addresses concerns related to resuming normal activities, including medical appointments, treatments, and interactions with others. By offering guidance on safety measures and precautions, patients can confidently adjust to the new phase while managing their health effectively.

Dr. Durie underscores the role of a balanced diet, exercise, and stress management in supporting the immune system and enhancing overall resilience. These insights empower readers to prioritize their well-being in the face of ongoing uncertainties. He offers evidence-based information and compassionate advice tailored to myeloma patients. The blog encourages patients to stay connected with their healthcare providers and leverage telemedicine for ongoing consultations when necessary.

With a focus on safety, well-being, and effective management, readers can confidently adapt to the changes while prioritizing their health. By staying informed and following expert guidance, individuals can overcome challenges and continue their journey towards managing myeloma effectively in the new normal.


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