CURE Diet and Exercise Webinar

In conjunction with Cancer Champions, CURE® recently hosted the Educated Patient® Webinar: An Overview of Diet and Exercise in Cancer Care,” hosted by Darlene Dobkowski, Associate Editorial Director for CURE®.

A panel of experts shared their insights and answered viewer questions during the webinar. These individuals included:Dr. Brent Burkholder, aretired public health physician from Davis, California; Liz Applegate, retired distinguished faculty emerita and former director of sports nutrition for intercollegiate athletics at University of California, Davis; and Jen Miramontes, thefounder, Cancer Champions, a nonprofit organization that helps guide patients and their families through the cancer experience in order to make more informed decisions about oncology care.

Here are the topics that were discussed during the webinar — as well as some questions that were answered.

The Benefits of a Healthy Diet

What are the benefits of a healthy diet for a patient with cancer?

  • What elements of a healthy diet should patients with cancer focus on?
  • How can patients with cancer focus on a healthy diet if their appetites are affected during treatment, for example?
  • How can a healthy diet impact a patient with cancer during survivorship?

Incorporating Exercise During Cancer Treatment

How much exercise should a patient with cancer do to obtain a benefit? Is any exercise better than none?

  • How can patients with cancer exercise during and after treatment without pushing themselves too hard?
  • If a patient with cancer exercised a lot before receiving their diagnosis, how can they still maintain that level of exercise while undergoing treatment?
  • How can exercise help patients during survivorship?

Advice and Resources for Patients Regarding Diet and Exercise

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