Applying Eyebrow, Eye Makeup To Negate Appearance-Related Effects From Cancer

In part one of CURE’s “Radiance Unveiled: Skincare and Makeup Strategies Throughout Breast Cancer Treatment” webinar, Rudy Miles, a 10-year Look Good Feel Better volunteer and national trainer, and Olivia Summer Hutcherson, a three-time survivor and thriver, discussed eyebrow shaping techniques and how to apply eye shadow and mascara to address appearance-related effect from cancer treatment.


00:27 – Eyebrow shaping techniques for various face shapes.

  • Rudy Miles emphasized the importance of eyebrow shaping, using a universal technique that works on all face shapes.
  • The technique involves making a vertical line from the nose to the eye, with a dot at the beginning of the brow, and a point at the end to define the arch.

02:34 – Eyebrow techniques for beginners.

  • Rudy Miles demonstrated a hair stroke technique for filling in eyebrows, emphasizing the importance of following the natural shape of the brows.

03:51 – Eye makeup techniques for appearance-related side effects.

  • Rudy Miles suggested using eyeshadow to brighten the inner corner of the eye, applying a lighter shade to the tear duct area and blending it up and across the brow bone.
  • He demonstrated how to use a light color as a highlighter on the skin, especially if it’s close to the skin tone, giving the eye a subtle glow.

08:27 – Makeup techniques and products.

  • Rudy Miles discussed how to redefine the lid and lash line with color, and use eyeliner to mimic lashes for definition.
  • He demonstrated how to soften and blend eyeliner for a softer look.

10:29 – Mascara application during eyelash loss treatment.

  • Rudy Miles demonstrated how to apply mascara during treatment to give lashes more definition, despite potential loss.
  • He showed how to apply mascara, emphasizing the importance of a gentle touch and a final upward brush stroke to lift lashes.

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